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    • Archangelus Keymaster
      April 7, 2017 at 6:32 pm #384

      The website is finally being left alone, and its back up.
      Sadly we lost everything in those attacks, nearly.

      During that period i pretty much gave up after they managed to do a root attack, they corrupted the website and made a backup, and deleted previous backups.

      So when i tried to restore the site i just restored a corrupted website.
      This all started after we got approached to sell the domain for 10000 Euro but declined, site got hacked and was approached again “Sell the site now, its broken anyway, but we will offer you 5000 euro” i declined and they took it all down, police couldnt do anything so ive just been waiting.

      DWG have been around since 2003 ill be damned if its gonna vanish because of some chinese hackers.

      DWG G2A
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